Monday, September 20, 2010

How to go Green at School or Work

Tips for a more sustainable school or workplace
From AusPen Eco-Friendly Markers

Whether at school or in the office, activities to tread lighter on the earth can be fun and bring everyone together, even if there is no extra budget for going green! Try this tip for some collective and competitive fun:

Divide yourselves into Eco-Tribes for earth, air, water and fire.

The Earth Tribe can take care of initiatives to recycle, compost and reduce solid waste that is normally generated.

The Air Tribe can source out non-toxic supplies that will help clean the air of toxins and allow people with chemical sensitivities or allergies to breathe better.

The Water Tribe can look for ways to reduce water consumption, collect rainwater for gardens, or eliminate the use of wasteful water bottles.

The Fire Tribe can focus on ways to reduce energy consumption by getting power-saving bulbs, power cords that can be switched off, and creating an awareness around turning off lights and monitors.

Just imagine all that can be done: challenges, awards, posters, tribe names, and milestone celebrations. Going green just got fun.

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