Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going Green with Refillable Markers

Are your school or office supplies unnecessarily contributing to solid waste? Are you tired of constantly throwing out dried up plastic markers?

AusPen eco-friendly dry-erase markers are a unique solution. Not only are AusPen markers non-toxic, but they are also refillable. Markers running low on ink can be topped up and used again and again – no trash can, no waste. And at the end of the AusPen’s long life, the marker goes in the recycling bin since it is made of 100% recycled aluminum. The cost savings amount to approximately 70% the cost of disposable markers. AusPen’s health, environmental and cost benefits add up to a triple threat.


Pythor said...

Hope you/your school benefited from this.

fox said...

I agree. Refilling is an excellent idea! anything that supports the environment is fine by me! :-) refill toner