Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Q: Non toxic markers. Is there such a thing, and does it really matter anyway? A: Yes, there truly are non-toxic markers that do not use harmful solvents in the ink. Xylene and toluene are two common ingredients in dry-erase markers - it's what gives the strong, pungent odor. These are neurotoxins that can cause troubling symptoms such as headaches, asthma, brain fog and fatigue. A non-toxic marker is not made with any neurotoxins, nor does it have a strong odor. AusPen markers are certified non-toxic, and are quickly becoming the marker of choice among teachers and other dry-erase marker users. Even people with chemical sensitivities are able to use AusPen markers without their usual reactions to dry-erase markers. Here's what one parent had to say about using AusPen non-toxic dry-erase markers:
“When our daughter was unable to stay in her Grade 7 classroom because smelly white board markers gave her horrible “brain fog”, the school secretary ordered AusPens. Happily, Katie has never left a classroom again because of brain fog thanks to AusPens. She now has her own AusPens for those who don’t know there is a healthy alternative to the toxic, smelly other white board markers.” (Judy Wigmore, parent)