Friday, September 9, 2011

A Case for Eco-Friendly Dry-Erase Markers

The way we see it at EcoSmart Products, there are at least 3 major problems with regular dry-erase markers.

First, the moment a marker is uncapped, noxious smells and harmful toxins are released. Xylene? Toluene? Why are we using neurotoxins in our office supplies? (Headaches and brain fog, anyone?)

Second, the amount of waste associated with discarded single-use dry-erase markers is astounding. Since these markers are not recyclable, they are sent to their local landfill where they will stay for a very looong time.

Finally, the markers are always running out, which leads us to our third pain point: the expense.

Now here’s a look at AusPen eco-friendly markers. They are made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, the ink is certified non-toxic, and they are refillable. When a marker starts to fade, a few drops of ink can be added into the marker barrel and it’s as good as new. By refilling your markers, AusPens are approximately 75% less expensive than disposable markers.
Fill your pen, not your landfill
Find out more about why thousands of people who use dry-erase markers have switched to AusPen eco-friendly markers:

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