Sunday, December 14, 2008

California Green Schools

We just got back from the California Green Schools Summit in Anaheim. It was a great event with smart people and companies focused on making California schools greener. We met people from all over the state and it was great to talk with so many educators that are current users of the AusPen dry erase markers.

It was the second conference in the last 30 days we attended in California - the first one was in San Francisco (Green Festival) and this one in southern California. The focus on green initiatives in the Golden State is impressive and inspiring.

The groups of people we spoke with make sustainability a part of their daily routines and they are constantly looking for ways to be greener, whether it is something as easy as changing over to a refillable dry erase marker, or non-toxic cleaners in the schools all the way to major projects like going completely solar, or Leeds-certified construction of new schools.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the AusPen booths, we appreciate it and look forward to speaking with you in the New Year to help you make your schools and companies greener.

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