Sunday, September 28, 2008

ABC News Highlights Non Toxic Whiteboard Markers

ABC's Good Morning America recently put together a feature on safe school supplies and green school supplies as the kids head back to classrooms this fall. They particularly focused on non toxic school supplies, products with low VOCS (volatile organic compounds) which reduce exposure of harmful toxins for the students and the teachers.

As they stated, conventional whiteboard markers are one of the top sources of toxic waste for schools, as they contain Xylene. These markers go to the landfills by the truckload, filling landfills not only with non-biodegradable plastic containers, but these little toxic bombs will keep leaking Xylene into the soil (and in many cases, into the water table).

ABC News identified AusPen refillable markers as a safe, green alternative to the disposable dry erase markers, as they are made up from recycled material and they are non toxic.

Have a look at the ABC News feature on their website here

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